About Us!

Arts and Crafts by Tabztabz is online stationery and customized gift shop.

We sell a variety of Tabztabz Family (Snoey and Nixie) own unique personalities and themed goodies, including the stickers, bags, shirts and more! Snoey is the head of the family (Mr. Gi) in real life and Nixie is the most beautiful and make sure everything is fine with Snoey (Ms. LieJu or Ms. Julie) in real life.

Our Story

Arts and Crafts by Tabztabz was founded in 2019 starting with a self gift during the Thanksgiving Sale with the die-cutting machine. We started out by creating customized heat transfer vinyl shirt, name decal or labeling our containers. We decided to do this for helping our family and friends for what they need. It turned out to be our side hustle making some customized shirts for small quantity, and sticker labels for the other vendors who are in needs for the labeling product. We started 2020 to get customized order and some of them we give them for freebies or a gift to family and friends to try out. And we come up an idea and begin to create a cute character for our shop SNOEY AND NIXIE - it was piggy kawaii style that describe ourselves being Filipino and Chubby and our lifestyle. We do stationery sticker, vinyl sticker and many more of SNOEY AND NIXIE.

Julie Ann and Gary Dacleson


We run small business! mostly julie ann runs everything and with the supportive for everthing is gary! we want to bring joy and happiness to everyone.